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We offer the best Pay Per Head serices and rates in the market.


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Our advanced pay per head bookmaking software is available to all our agents and players, offering a wide range of tools and reports.

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The DOLLAR PER HEAD live betting platform gives your offering a unique competitive edge in the booming live betting market.

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Choose the sports template that suits your sportsbook today... customize color layout, images and information.

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Steve Bennett, Chicago:

“I have used DollarPerHead for the last two years. DollarPerHead is always there to answer my questions and when I need advice they are there to help me grow my business. “

Bob Rogers, Los Angeles:

“I would recommend DollarPerHead to people who need a reliable and innovative company to handle and keep track of their business.”

Nick O'Connor, Boston"

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DPH Staff

We are regarded as the leading online gaming and betting provider and able to execute complicated projects because of our qualified and experienced team of individuals who work to exceed client expectations.

Dollar Per Head observes five core values as guidance for our behavior as well as the foundation for all decisions: innovation, team work, integrity, customer focus and commitment. For the Dollar Per Head team, these are not mere statements but the glue which ties the organization together and the driving force that keeps us going from strength to strength.

Our Software and Tools

Our software is utilized by the largest sportsbooksin the industry. And for this reason, you can rest assured that it is the safest and most secure wagering platform for you and your clients.

We offer virtually unlimited wagering options within the sportsbetting marketplace. In addition, your customers will have access to a full Vegas virtual casino, and horse racing. the software's overall speed and functionality allow you to get all figures in real-time along with the ability to track any wagers being made, as they are being made. Check out the screenshots below to get an idea of just a few of the features available to you and your players around the clock.

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We speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish and Vietnamise. Phone: (888)988.6838

Chinese 國 粵語投注. Phone: 888.581.8188

Vietnamese Tiếng Việt Phone: 888.999.7929

Email: cs@dollarperhead.com